Myrtle Beach weddings

Simple wedding with just the photographer, and the preacher only $399! Do you want just a photographer for your wedding? It’s only $275-349 depending on time. Are you planning a quick wedding? In essence we have the 15 minute mini wedding package. In that case it’s only $275.00 for the small wedding photo package.

Officiant, and photographer

So you just want a simple “complete” wedding that doesn’t cost so much? Then how about $399 for the whole thing!! As a result, Yes!
The package is for 1 half hour of unlimited pics(hi-res of course), and your officiant(preacher, minister), add an arch, chairs, or even a sand ceremony for a very low price!
You receive the Hi-Res “Data Disk”, retouching, a digital download site,and best of all you get the copyrights!!
This is the best preacher photo package on the beach!!(valued at over 900.00)

Myrtle Beach wedding Photographers

Need an extra hour?? It’s only $299 bucks!! Want video? Yes, video is only $299!! How can you go wrong with this professional wedding photography package? By and large it’s almost impossible. In a word we have shopped our competition. All in all the rates, and service at Photographers in Myrtle Beach are top notch!

Myrtle Beach weddings
Simple wedding package with officiant  and photographer only $399

The ultimate in complete wedding  & photography package savings

It’s a goal to provide the best customer service. In addition, it’s also a goal to provide unbeatable affordability. We welcome you to call us and experience the customer service. Likewise, we welcome your ideas, and thoughts. A wedding on the beach is an amazing event. A Myrtle Beach wedding is even better.¬† To sum up we strongly believe you’ll love our wedding packages. Whether it’s on the beach, a farm, or garden. Ultimately we want you to be happy with your wedding in Myrtle Beach.

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