About Photographers in Myrtle Beach

Hello, this is “Tippy”and this page is about  Photographers in Myrtle Beach” I hope you enjoy our website, and we look forward to seeing you on the beach, or at your wedding.
There are many photographers in Myrtle Beach out there, so why choose us? Well maybe you shouldn’t! Maybe you like paying hundreds, or maybe even thousands more for the same, or even less service. Our packages are complete with no sitting fees. We do have to charge tax, city, county, state, federal. There is actually a guy here in Myrtle Beach that charges over $1500 for a High School Senior Portraits session! Why? No it isn’t worth it!
The point we are making is, yes you can have elegant, beautiful photography, and have money left over for the honeymoon, or your summer vacation. Whether you need vacation Family beach portraits , or you need Myrtle Beach wedding Photography we are here to service your photo needs.
Why not give us a call, or shoot us an email?

All sessions are final. No refunds for cancelling. WE do not charge deposits, only retainers.

Weddings starting at only $299, and Beach Portraits full packages starting at only $179

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