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Myrtle Beach children's photographyMyrtle Beach family photography portraits package starts at only 180.00 (copyright included). In addition this packages includes the sitting fee. There is no guesswork when choosing a beach portraits package. Additionally we cover up to 5 people for this 10 minute package. The next package is only $250 for 1-8 people and includes 20 minutes.  Our 40 minute package is 1-8 people for only $350. We also offer a 40 minute session up to 14 people for only $400. If you need an additional 20 minutes for larger groups of 15 or more up to 24 people than it’s only $475! Call us for larger groups , or reunion packages, or continue to scroll down. All photography packages have multiple exposures during sessions. All pics are retouched, and ready within a few days. There are no sitting fees, or up-sell with any photo package. 

Cheap Myrtle Beach photography

Please be aware of photography companies advertising $99, or $50 specials. In conclusion,  professionals do not  mislead with fine print. This is not cheap photography, although it’s very affordable. All packages are equipped with numerous photos. Not to mention it’s only $400 for 1-14 people for 40 minutes. This is a complete photo session equipped with 30-50 photos. Also pics are retouched, and digitally hosted. Including a copyright release for you and your family. No sitting fees. Can you beat that?

Family reunion and large group photography sessions

We specialize in many different group sizes.  If your group has more than 15 people (up to 24)  the rate is 475 for 60 minutes. If you require more time, our 70 minute long session is only $550. We take pride in knowing our package is the most affordable luxury photography in Myrtle Beach . Family beach portraits for reunions or small families is our forte! Our artistic approach for family photos will be hanging on your wall forever. Moreover it’s very easy to set up your appointment. One quick 5 minute phone call is all it takes. Give your family the best photography in Myrtle Beach. Do not let another wannabe photographer tell you that your small group needs an hour! It’s overkill, and a waste of time , and energy. Get your pictures done, and get back on vacation! 

Fast turnaround for photo development 

We only require 48-72 hours for retouching pictures, and hosting to the download site.  Our online photo album has unlimited downloads for 10 years! All pictures are high resolution, and produce amazing photos when processed by a reputable vendor. Our packages are complete, with no sitting fee, only tax (federal, state, county, local city)is extra. A photo disc is provided for only $20, as well as a flash drive for only $25. Make your own flash drive from the downloads, and save money!  This outstandingly affordable photo package in Myrtle Beach is available now!

childrens photos Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach childrens photos
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2 thoughts on “Family Beach Portraits

  1. My mom is on hospice and in a wheelchair. She wants to get pictures of the family done one more time. We will be in Myrtle Beach this coming weekend and I wanted to see if you could do some beach pics with her in a wheelchair? She absolutely loves the beach….maybe on the boardwalk or something for some of them. There are 3 sibling families and mom and dad. Thanks

    1. Hello Rennie,
      We are more than happy to help you with your mother when you come to Myrtle Beach for your family beach pictures.
      We have several locations to choose from, and can point you in the right direction for easy access. We offer myrtle Beach family photography at an affordable rate for all family types.

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