photographers in Myrtle Beach

Photographers in Myrtle Beach

When we set out to be the top family photography company in Myrtle Beach, we had some great competition. In addition we brought our team of photographers in Myrtle Beach to a philosophy. Delivering a superior product to the client at an affordable rate. Myrtle Beach is home to millions of summer vacation families.  Families return to Myrtle Beach every year for family beach portraits.

Myrtle Beach family portraits on a budget

We do not hide our prices, and force you to guess, or be embarrassed to ask. Our packages are clearly marked on the website for you to see. We give you everything without trying to up-sell. Our closest competition sells the same data disc of half the pics for $300. Not to mention sitting fees of $99 for a family of 1-7 people. Photographers in Myrtle Beach  is only $175 COMPLETE!  Give us a call, and make us your official photographer every time you go on vacation to Myrtle Beach! However there is a $50 charge for holiday weeks.

Family vacation pictures at the beach

Pick your favorite spot on the beach, or ask us to help you. There is a favorite photo spot for every family. Your family vacation isn’t complete without family pictures. Before you book tickets for Pirates Voyage, or Top Golf. Make sure you book your beach photos first! It’s the most important part of your summer vacation. It’s also the only thing you’ll bring home from the beach. Not to mention sand in your shorts!

Make your memories last forever

The beach has your memories, and we have your photos. Moreover it’s a good decision to book your photo session in advance. Photographers in Myrtle Beach are very busy in the summer. Don’t wait til it’s too late. It could cost you the best deal on price, and quality.

Photographers in Myrtle Beach

Family photography

Myrtle Beach family PhotographyMyrtle Beach family photography

Photographers in Myrtle Beach know your family deserves a vacation. We will serve you to the best of our abilities. Along with making sure your memories of Myrtle Beach last a lifetime. Especially with our professional photographers at your side! Not to mention producing brilliant beach portraits! You’ll be happy you chose our beautiful sunset family beach portraits session. It goes without saying the most sought after photography session is sunset. Myrtle beach photography mini sessions are also in high demand! Portraits professionals will make sure you get the best service in Myrtle Beach. Along with the most affordable rate of any professional “photographers at the beach“.

Looking for a great photographer in Myrtle Beach

There are some great photographers in Myrtle Beach. Some of these “photogs” have years of experience. When looking for a good photographer, it’s always best to do some research. Do not book anyone from Thumbtack for Myrtle Beach family photography! Thumbtack is the absolute worst place to look for a photographer. They bid against the worst trained, and have virtually no experience whatsoever! The same could be said for Yelp. Another Google wannabe with a broken review filter. It’s mostly cheap, untrained inexperienced photographers. For this purpose you should use Google, or facebook reviews. Always ask for credentials when booking any photo service.  Myrtle Beach family photography is very competitive, and cutthroat!

Choosing the right Myrtle Beach family photographer

No need to make your photo decision harder than it is. Your Myrtle Beach family photography experience is about to get better! It’s as easy as picking up the phone, or sending an email. In addition, alot of research has been put into providing the best family portraits. Along with the best rates, prices, and packages. Make your vacation better by booking Photographers in Myrtle Beach by Tippy!

Myrtle Beach wedding Family photography

Myrtle Beach wedding family photography

We specialize in Myrtle Beach wedding family photography. Our photographers in Myrtle Beach, SC welcome you to visit our site, and check out our facebook page. This is the home of some of the best photographers in Myrtle Beach. We are ready to serve you with excellent service, terrific prices, and the highest quality in South Carolina. Serving all areas of the grand strand. From Little River, Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Surfside, Murrells Inlet, and Pawleys Island!

Additionally, Our customer service is legendary, and our rates are impossible to beat.  A complete, no nonsense photo package that has no fine print, or guesswork to figure out. You have found the ultimate place in the area to have your photography needs taken care of. Whether it’s wedding, family, beach, senior, or special event, we can handle it, and make it very affordable. Trust your pictures to a real, honest, professional seasoned in this art form. I addition a great personality to go with it, because let’s face it, nobody wants a boring photo session.

Having your family vacation in Myrtle Beach is a wonderful time to celebrate, and just relax. There are tons of things to do on the beach. Also off of the beach, but don’t forget to have your beach pictures made so that you can document the experience that your family had on vacation. Not to mention what better way to do that than with a beach portraits session with “Photographers in Myrtle Beach“! In conclusion, We welcome you to call or text us anytime.

We guarantee the most affordable Myrtle Beach family wedding photography portraits in Horry County. We are photographers in Myrtle Beach. Equally our professional photographers offer high end photos at reasonable rates.

Give us a call at 843-655-8243, or email us anytime!

Beach portraits only $199

The Best Beach Portraits in Myrtle Beach

Yes you see it right, and before you fall”victim” to the guys advertising for only $50, or $99, call them, and ask these simple questions.
1. Is it hi-resolution? Ours is!
2. How many pics do I get? Unlimited(avg. 75-100)
3. Is there a sitting fee? Never
4. When do I get my media? within 24-48 hours
5. Is it a CD, or a DVD? Only Hi-Res DVD’s are ever used
6. Do I get copyrights? delivered with the disc
7 Do I get upcharged for more people? We offer no charge up to 7 people, 8-14 people is a 249 pkg, and anything above 15 is just 299.00
Then when you are done with the song, and dance call us because there is no “fine print” , sitting fees, up-sell, or “stress” just book us!!
Myrtle Beach portraits

Engagement photography in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach engagement portraitsLet us do your engagement photography in Myrtle Beach starting at only $199, or how about a surprise proposal?

Our friendly photographers can fix you right up with every pic, pose, or wardrobe change that you have in mind. Our sessions are unlimited with no fine print, or pushy up-sell. Our goal is to make you very comfortable, because we want you to come back to us year after year like our other clients.